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Electronic Emergencies is a record label from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was founded in 2014 by Spacemaker and Leather E., two DJs who have their roots in electronic music. They both love electronic sounds and melancholy melodies and are not bound to any style. The label’s aim is to release a wave of beautiful electronically generated music. All releases will be limited and numbered editions available on vinyl. The records will also be released digitally. Electronic Emergencies is proud to be distributed by Clone Distribution Rotterdam.

Electronic Emergencies promotes artistic freedom.
Electronic Emergencies loves to work with and for the artists.
Electronic Emergencies was not created to make profit.


▶︎ Violence - Le Flux de la Nature (official video)

▶︎ Listen to our monthly live show on Operator Radio

▶︎ EE invited MinimalRome's Heinrich Dressel and Teslasonic to Rotterdam on 19 January 2018

▶︎ Extensive
feature in KALTBLUT Magazine on the Closet Tapes 2xLP

▶︎ (in Dutch): Eddy De Clercq neemt een frisse duik met Serge Gainsbourg (THUMP/VICE)

▶︎ KALTBLUT Magazine feature on Electronic Emergencies in 2016, including an exclusive mixtape


EE024 Det Ar Grymt I Norr                     
    EE024  Various Artists - Det Är Grymt I Norr LP
    vinyl 15 Oct, digital 29 Oct / pre-order bandcamp


EE023 Peine Perdue                     
    EE023  Peine Perdue - Tokyo en Morceaux LP
    Clone:  vinyl / digital or  EE bandcamp


EE022 Violence                     
    EE022  Violence - Le Flux de la Nature  10"
    Clone:  vinyl / digital or  EE bandcamp


EE021 NiKiT                     
    EE021  NiKiT - Arcanes mini-LP
   Clone: vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp


EE020 Borgie                     
    EE020  Borgie - Kosmostrator on Venus EP
    Clone: vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp


EE019 Sangron Volume 1                     
    EE019 / SR001  Various Artists - Sangron Volume 1 LP
    Clone: vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp

EE018 Crash Course In Science                     
    EE018  Crash Course In Science - Situational Awareness LP
    Clone: cd / vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp


EE017 YobKiss                     
    EE017  YobKiss - Asexual EP
    Clone: vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp


EE016 The Closet Tapes                      
    EE016  Various Queer Artists - The Closet Tapes 2xLP
    vinyl -  digital - cassette - bandcamp


EE015 The R - What's Going On                      
    EE015  The R - What's Going On 12"
    Clone: vinyl / digital or EE bandcamp


EE014 Peine Perdue - Histoire d'une Ame                      
    EE014  Peine Perdue - Histoire d'une Âme 12"
    vinyl -  digital - bandcamp

EE013 Black Pond - Deepest Chasms                      
    EE013  Black Pond - Deepest Chasms  12"
    vinyl -  digital - bandcamp


EE012 Courser - Distances                      
    EE012  Courser - Distances  12"
    vinyl -  digital - bandcamp

EE011 Dmitry Distant - Lucifer & Lust                      
    EE011  Dmitry Distant - Lucifer  &  Lust  10"
    vinyl -  digital - bandcamp

EE010 Visonia - Amethyst Eclipse EP
    EE010  Visonia - Amethyst Eclipse EP
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp


EE009 David Vunk & Mima - Dov'e l'amore 12"                      
    EE009  David Vunk & Mima - Dov'e l'amore 12"
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp


EE008 Momentform Lapse 12"                   
    EE008  Momentform - Lapse 12"
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

EE007 Borgie Ad Astra Per Aspera                          
    EE007  Borgie - Ad Astra Per Aspera 12"
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

EE006 Popsimonova Brokedown Palace                          
    EE006  Popsimonova - Brokedown Palace LP
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

EE005 Machinegewehr The Unforgiven                           
    EE005  Machinegewehr - The Unforgiven 12"
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

EE004 Ceci N'est Pas The Last Time                           
    EE004  Ceci N'est Pas - The Last Time 7"
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

EE003 Visonia Nausicaa EP                           
    EE003  Visonia - Nausicaa EP
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

SOS Wallonie

    EE002  SOS - Wallonie / Aqua 12"
vinyl - digital - bandcamp

Das Ding - Why Is My Life So Boring?
    EE001  Das Ding - Why Is My Life So Boring? LP
    vinyl - digital - bandcamp

more soon!                       

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