Electronic Emergencies Logo: design Meinhard Spoor    ELECTRONIC EMERGENCIES in 2018

Dear (virtual) friends,

In 2018 we will continue to bring you electronic darkness, melancholic waveforms and incinerating beats.

We are very happy to see that our wavey electrix and disco noir are touching a nerve with many of you in the underground electronic music community that we love so dearly.
We can’t thank the artists on our releases enough for their never-ending inspiration and love.

Our first release in 2018 will be our 20th overall. Returning to Electronic Emergencies after his first EP with us in 2016, dear friend Borgie from Sarajevo, Bosnia, is rocketing himself far beyond planet Italo with the Kosmostrator on Venus EP, available from 22 January 2018.

Next up is Arcanes, an 8-track mini-album and the debut of young Parisian producer NiKiT.  The atmosphere of his tracks reminds us of early dark electro, is dubby and danceable as hell. Arcanes will be released mid-February 2018.

After that, we cross the ocean to present you a 10-inch by Violence, from Quebec in Canada. Violence embodies the meaning of the term disco noir. Their francophone dark and wavey music makes you dance while the melancholy is almost tangible.

A few familiar faces are currently working on new material for Electronic Emergencies. Among them, a 12-inch by fellow Rotterdammer Machinegewehr, and albums by our beloved duo Peine Perdue from Paris/Berlin, and by electropunk vandalists Venderstrooik, who earlier featured on The Closet Tapes.

Meanwhile, Spacemaker and Leather E are busy compiling an album with our Swedish musical friends.  This compilation embraces industrial sounds, EBM, acid vibes and synthwave. The first names of bands contributing to the Swedish compilation will be announced soon!

And, of course, many other exciting Electronic Emergencies will be announced as the year unfolds! In the meantime, we send you a lot of love (and music) from our cold and windy Rotterdam and wish you a happy 2018 with love, friendship, equality and solidarity.